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Your team strives to enable new business opportunities, not create bottlenecks or inflate IT budgets. To do so, you need a true Open Source data infrastructure that’s secure yet developer-friendly, enterprise- class yet simple, and able to evolve quickly through contributions from you and the community. MariaDB database is at the heart of your open source initiative. Meet current business needs while executing on long-term IT strategy:

  • Leverage your team’s expertise to create and manage applications for the future
  • Keep cost of ownership low
  • Ensure uninterrupted service for mission-critical applications
  • Protect and secure data from unauthorized access and disasters
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Build, grow, and secure your company’s data with the platform that provides unmatched stability and availability. We make your job easier with an extensible platform that unifies OLTP and OLAP capabilities, reduces the risk of application and network level security attacks, and provides the tools and resources to manage and support your environment. With MariaDB, you get

  • Ease of administration and maintenance
  • High Availability and Scalability
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Rich functionality for every use case and broad interoperability
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Developers need an ACID-compliant relational data platform for both transactional and analytical processing, with a rich, vibrant community creating tools and capabilities to create innovative applications for today’s business needs. MariaDB is designed for simplicity and extensibility

  • Join, learn, and contribute in a community of 12 million fellow MariaDB users
  • Easily install, manage, and scale leveraging MariaDB’s connectors, and other developer-friendly features
  • Write your own plugins and data types, and chose the right storage engine for your use case
  • Quickly integrate MariaDB into your environment
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MariaDB - The Database for the New Century

Open Source

MariaDB is the fastest growing open source relational database in the world. Join the community that delivers the innovation to address rapidly changing opportunities and threats without raising costs.


Build the applications that serve the needs of your business with MariaDB’s open architecture.


Grow your business confidently with MariaDB’s secure, high-performance database without adding complexity and cost. Develop, deploy and operate applications with the world’s top data management experts at your side.

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Keep your business running 24/7 and meet service level agreements with High Availability solutions for MariaDB

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Secure your data at every layer of the database to protect your business against attacks, data theft, and compliance breaches

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Ensure that your MariaDB deployments run faster and more efficiently than ever before under the most demanding conditions

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And we are back that took like 1 minute of work absolutely no excuses for not using @mariaDB brilliant


Join us for free webinars and online events – both live and on-demand – featuring business leaders, industry experts, and MariaDB partners.

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Find a DBA

Need a MariaDB expert? Help with an application build or big data deployment? We employ the best DBAs the industry offers.

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24x7 Support

We provide round-the-clock access to advanced SEs who can help with your pressing issues and mission-critical data initiatives.

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