ds data systems Iberia,. S.A.

DataSystems130x70_v2_1.pngPartner Category: Distributor Reseller

Location: EMEA

ds data systems has been present in the Iberian market since 1998. Our goal is to supply the best software solutions to our customers at a reasonable cost. To achieve this, we partner with the leading software providers in the market.

We are focused in:

  • Databases. As representative of MariaDB for Spain, Portugal and Latin America, we provide solutions around MySQL and MariaDB, offering all MariaDB services of subscriptions, consulting, training and remote DBA
  • Software Configuration Management and Continuous Delivery with Perforce.
  • Apps designed to solve the Enterprise Management needs with Odoo.
  • Oracle Database Replication with Dbvisit.

We can be contacted as follows

Partner Link: dsdata.es