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Partnering With MariaDB

MariaDB Partner Program helps partners to accelerate their time to market and optimise their customer experiences by giving access to a wide range of technical, sales and marketing resources.

We offer three levels of participation with progressively increasing benefits:

  1. MariaDB Certified Partner – The entry level for the Partner Program with entry level benefits and requirements
  2. MariaDB Advanced Partner – An elevated level in the Program with increased benefits and requirements
  3. MariaDB Premier Partner – The highest level of partnership with the highest levels of benefits and requirements

Through the program, our partners can gain access to wide range of technical, sales and marketing resources:

  • Technical Benefits – Architectural design assistance, product validation and certification, participation in and access to product roadmaps, technical training
  • Sales Benefits – Sales training, joint field engagement, pre-sales support and access to sales materials
  • Marketing Benefits – Customised collateral, joint PR, logo usage, Web listing, event planning and joint GTM activities

Requirements for partners may include training and certifying technical and sales staff, successful joint customer cases, PR and other marketing activities.

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