May 26, 2014

MariaDB Galera Cluster training course released

We are proud to finally release a fully blown training course for MariaDB Galera Cluster. We've been working on this training course for a very long time and it's been over a year since we delivered a first version of the course. However, the refining process has taken longer than expected. While we have already delivered this training multiple times internally for our customers, it is not until now that we make the course public together with upcoming training dates.

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November 6, 2013

Some Thoughts on MariaDB Enterprise Release 1

This past summer, when I joined SkySQL’s development team as product manager for MariaDB Enterprise, it became clear to me that the product needed to solve a specific, defined problem for customers trying to use MariaDB for business critical applications. Something that could be easily implemented, but that would remove a significant pain point.

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