October 26, 2016

Does InnoDB page size matter?

From MariaDB 10.1 there is a feature where the InnoDB page size can be configured to be larger than the default 16K for normal, uncompressed tables. However, there has been little performance results that show whether the page size really effects  the transaction performance or response time. In this blog, we study effects of page size on three different storage devices using the same benchmark(s). These devices are:

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March 25, 2014

Get rid of orphaned InnoDB temporary tables, the right way

If InnoDB or XtraDB in MySQL or MariaDB are interrupted while performing an ALTER TABLE, they'll leave a temporary table sitting in your data directory. This thing will be taking up space, which is no good. If you're using innodb-file-per-table, or course, you can solve that problem by removing the .frm and .ibd files for the table.

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