February 11, 2014

MaxScale - Just What Can It Do Today?

It seems that in all the writing around what MaxScale is, why I think we need it and what we plan to do with it, we have created some confusion as regards what it can do as of today, mid-February 2014. So I thought I would try to clear it up a little my writing this short post.

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February 10, 2014

MaxScale for the rest of us - Part 3

This third post in this series of blogs about MaxScale is finally getting where you want to go: Install and configure MaxScale. The first blog in this series was an overview of what MaxScale is and the second about how to set up a Cluster of MariaDB servers, using MariaDB Replication, for MaxScale to access. But now it's time to introduce MaxScale.

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February 9, 2014

MaxScale for the rest of us - Part 2

The first blog post in this series did a quick introduction to MaxScale, but now it is time start getting our hands dirty. We will get a more practical view on MaxScale and begin to put it to work. The following is based on a simple Proof of Concept that I did recently. The application is a mid-size web-based online shop where scalability is becoming an issue.

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January 26, 2014

MaxScale - Do we need another MySQL proxy?

I have spent some time thinking about and working on a project that went public on GitHub at the beginning of this year. That project is called MaxScale and is primarily a proxy server for MySQL/MariaDB databases, although it can be something much more than this. The obvious and often asked question is why do we need another proxy? I want to try to give you a flavor for what MaxScale is and why I think there is a need for a tool like MaxScale. The architecture of MaxScale makes it different from your average proxy

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January 16, 2014

A Close Encounter with MaxScale

MaxScale is the new proxy server from the SkySQL/MariaDB team. It provides Connection Load Balancing (CLB) and Statement Load Balancing (SLB) out of the box. This post is a [relatively] quick “how to” install, configure and test SLB with the read/write splitting module.

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