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Kaj Arnö

Kaj"Life is", goes a saying in my native Finland, a country not known for using superfluous words. While this saying may take compactness a tad too far, it's a great way to say "things happen", mostly to stoically adapt, sometimes to justify actions taken in order to adapt. The brevity of the expression adds not just to the perceived wisdom, but also makes resistance futile. The expected and usual reaction is agreement; I have yet to experience a situation where somebody would counterargue that "life is not".

The saying currently applies to me, in a positive sense. And while this is not the place for expanding on exactly how or what life is right now, the implication for my professional life is a different matter. I will be changing my role and job title within SkySQL, in order to allocate somewhat more time for life outside SkySQL, while at the same time remaining dedicated to the company I've been part of forming. I have never let go of the private dreams I had when joining SkySQL (sports, photography, writing, other creative pursuits), and the growth and maturity of SkySQL enables me to pursue some of those ideas today. Speaking of maturity, after many years at MySQL AB, a while at Sun Microsystems and a brief moment at Oracle, I will continue to work for SkySQL Ab to not just serve the ecosystem my colleagues and I have contributed to in our earlier lives. My higher ambition is for SkySQL Ab to become a leading player in the Cloud space, that may be ridden by hype at the moment, but nonetheless is a force about to mature.

My new role is "VP Collaboration". Wearing my new hat, I want to turn SkySQL Ab into a role model for frictionless, productive and creative work. This includes cross-departmental coordination, internal and external communication and collaboration, management reporting, tools, and creating the infrastructure for making decisions properly. And to stress what should be obvious, collaboration clearly reaches outside the company.

That's it. Do continue to interact with me as before, but expect me to sometimes send an onward pointer and introduction to my colleagues, in questions for which they are now the ones in charge. And, yes, we will recruit a new VP Products.

Life is!

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One of the company founders, Kaj Arnö joined SkySQL Ab from the start in October 2010, as EVP Products. Today, Kaj focuses on cooperation in his role as VP Collaboration. He designed most of his MySQL databases during the last century, and is now curing his programming abstinence by coding the odd Python routine. His other interests include physical exercise and experiencing the world with his own muscle power, as well as the societal implications of IT – no doubt an occupational disease caught during his years as VP Community Relations at MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems.