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MariaDB MaxScale, the dynamic routing platform for MariaDB Server (and MySQL Server) had its first stable 1.0 GA release 15 months ago. Since then, the popularity of MariaDB MaxScale has grown exponentially. It has in many cases become a default piece of the architecture in clustered setups of MariaDB Server, in master-slave replication setups and in very large replication topologies making use of MariaDB MaxScale’s Binlog Server functionality.


New and Improved Functionality

The recently released 1.4.1 version of MariaDB MaxScale contains a bundle of great improvements to the Database Firewall Filter, dbfwfilter. This article starts by describing the dbfwfilter module and how it is used. Next we’ll find out what kinds of improvements were made to the filter in MaxScale 1.4.1 and we’ll finish by looking at a few use cases for it.

Here are the highlights of the new dbfwfilter functionality in the 1.4.1 release of MaxScale.

We are pleased to announce that MaxScale 1.4.1 is now available for download!


We are pleased to announce that MaxScale 1.4.0 Beta is now available for download!


MaxScale Binlog ServerIn database setups with a large number of users reading data, the Binlog Server can be used to offload traffic to the Master, make Master failover easier to handle and in general simplify replication. In this blog I will describe the benefits of Binlog Server and how to set up MaxScale as a Binlog Server.


Linux QuestionsMariaDB has been selected as Database of the Year in the Members’ Choice awards at for the third year running. Our thanks goes out to all of the community members who voted for MariaDB and who continue to contribute to the project to make MariaDB the best open source relational database.

Vote for MariaDB for Database of the Year!

Vote MariaDB for Database of the Year! MariaDB is nominated for Database of the Year by LQ for short is Linux user community that each year votes for the best database of the year.

You can, of course, vote for MariaDB!

The site requires a simple registration - which may take a few moments, but it is well worth your time!


The recent release of MariaDB 10.1.11 contains two new authentication plugins:

Named pipe plugin

This plugins works only if user logs in using named pipe. It uses the operating system's username of currently logged on user running the client program. The plugin mirrors functionality of the already existing Unix socket authentication plugin on Windows.


Data, Security, Requirements, Procedures, Access, System, etc. Picture is under creative commons, from of the key issues in 2016 for DBAs to tackle will be Database Security, mainly associated to the increasing adoption of public and private clouds, as well as mission critical applications running on open source databases in large Enterprises.

MariaDB Security and Encryption at London MySQL Meetup GroupIn December 2015, MariaDB Evangelist Colin Charles was asked to present on MariaDB Security and Encryption at the London MySQL Meetup group. This blog is a summary of Colin’s presentation.



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