MariaDB AX: real-world analytics use cases

MariaDB AX is an enterprise open source solution for modern analytics and data warehousing – used in financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing and advertising for everything from detecting market anomalies to predicting the spread of infectious disease outbreaks.

Top industry use cases for MariaDB AX

Financial services

MariaDB AX is used for fraud detection, risk analysis and regulatory compliance – analyzing financial trades and securities to identify trading patterns, detect anomalies and forecast investments and to storing terabytes of historical data.


MariaDB AX is used to identify genetic matches by analyzing genotypes, measure the impact of disease and injuries by analyzing health outcomes, and determine program eligibility and/or recommend intervention by analyzing health observations.


MariaDB AX is used to improve call quality and network optimization, reduce maintenance costs and service disruptions, and segment customers for cross-selling and rate plan optimization – all by analyzing call detail records and network data.


MariaDB AX is used to increase first-time yield by analyzing thousands of iterative simulations and their results, and to predict machine failures and avoid production stoppages through analysis of sensor data generated by connected machines throughout the production process.


MariaDB AX is used to improve ad performance by analyzing clickstream data, click-through rates and visitor profiles to create granular audience segments and enable dynamic pricing for optimized ad serving: targeting, placement and bidding.

What's in MariaDB AX?

MariaDB AX diagram

Why choose MariaDB AX?

Big data scale, small data performance

MariaDB AX is built to analyze terabytes of data in tables with billions of rows, and to return the results within seconds or less – combining distributed storage and massively parallel processing to create a scale-out architecture for high-performance analytics on massive datasets.

Ad hoc, on-demand analytics

MariaDB AX uses columnar storage so the same data can be analyzed in many different ways (planned or unplanned) – it is no longer necessary to create, and be constrained by, schemas optimized for a small number of predetermined queries on specific columns.

Access to near real-time data

MariaDB AX streamlines the process of importing data as soon as it's created (continuously and/or on demand) with an Apache Kafka streaming import adapter, C/Java/Python application data adapters, and a Spark connector removing the need for complex, batch ETL jobs and tools.

Enterprise open source value

MariaDB AX is available via an enterprise open source subscription, and with its per-node pricing, it is far more cost-effective than paying thousands of dollars per terabyte (or more) with Greenplum, Pivotal and Teradata.

On premises or in the cloud

MariaDB AX runs on commodity hardware, in the cloud or on premises, and scales on demand (and as needed) to avoid the vendor and infrastructure lock-in created by multimillion-dollar hardware appliances and proprietary cloud services.

On-demand webinar: modern analytics use cases

In this webinar recording, we share customer use cases in financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing and advertising – and why MariaDB AX was chosen, often replacing proprietary and/or expensive data warehouses like Oracle and Vertica.

In addition, Jack Sprague, Enterprise Architect, Center for Information Management (CIM), will join us to explain how CIM uses MariaDB AX to analyze millions of surveys with hundreds of cross-referenced, non-binary observations to improve healthcare programs and outcomes.

White paper: analytics use cases by industry

In this white paper, we will share MariaDB AX customer use cases for modern analytics in various industries – and why they chose to replace MySQL, Oracle, Vertica and other data warehouses with MariaDB AX.

White Paper