RedBridge AB


RedBridge AB

The company started operations in 2003 with the vision of helping our customers to implement cost efficient IT environments based on Open Source (Open Software) products. Open Source products are available today in all parts of an IT structure, and there is nobody in the IT world who questions Open Source as a development or business model!

Today we work in development, infrastructure and the operation of customer solutions. This might be the development of new solutions or migrating an existing IT environment. Our goal is to use Open Source products (e.g. Linux, JBoss and MariaDB/MySQL) but at the same time we take into account the existing environment where we interact with proprietary software such as Oracle, Microsoft, etc. that the customer would like to keep using. The new IT environment is a “mixsource” environment with both Open and Proprietary Software.

We work with products that are at the technological forefront and where the Open Source world is heading this development. This could be, for example, mobile development and cloud services. We also use methods like SCRUM, ITIL and DevOps to streamline the processes.

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