Let’s fight COVID-19 together

Use SkySQL for free to analyze large amounts of data to fight COVID-19 – apply now

Everyday we are amazed at the ingenuity within our communities to lift each other up. Even during times of crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic that has changed the lives of every person in the world, we hear heroic stories of people fighting the virus on the front lines, whether that’s on the ground or leveraging technology to tackle challenging problems in healthcare, business, or other areas of need. At MariaDB, we believe that by bringing people and technology together we can make a difference in solving some of the world’s greatest challenges.

We are very thankful to everyone contributing to the fight against COVID-19. Our healthcare workers who are treating us. Our local businesses that are feeding us and delivering essential household goods. Our policymakers for making the tough decisions that are protecting us. We want to do our small part to help fight COVID-19 by putting our skills and capabilities to use.

If you or your organization in the healthcare, medical, academic or other nonprofit space have an application that requires analytical capabilities to analyze large amounts of data, we would like to offer you the opportunity to use MariaDB SkySQL for free. The process is simple. Complete the form below, and projects that are a good match and will benefit from our technology, will be able to securely store, analyze and visualize massive amounts of data at no cost on MariaDB SkySQL.

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How does my project qualify?

The project must directly support research, innovation and analysis targeted at fighting COVID-19 or its effects. The application needs to be able to store and access data on SkySQL. Note, SkySQL is HIPAA compliant. MariaDB, along with a panel of experts, will determine within 5 business days whether your application qualifies or if more information is needed to make a determination.

Who can apply?

Any nonprofit organization or individual in the healthcare, medical, academic or related fields can apply.

What do qualified applications receive?

Qualified projects will receive free access to and use of SkySQL’s analytical capabilities for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. Projects may qualify for an extended period of use, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

How is MariaDB used for analytics?

MariaDB Enterprise Server uses columnar storage to perform high-performance analytics on billions of rows of data, and users and applications have access via standard SQL and can utilize popular analytics tools like Zeppelin or Jupyter notebooks. Companies like the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation rely on MariaDB’s columnar capabilities to analyze petabytes of health data to identify global health problems and strategies. This capability is even easier to tap into using MariaDB SkySQL, a fully automated database-as-a-service (DBaaS). Learn how to get started with SkySQL for analytics.