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Location: APAC

Sysage Technology was founded in 1998; the head office locates in Taipei. We have been reselling and distributing various ICT solution products (e.g. Cisco, IBM, Oracle, VMware, Citrix, Red Hat, EMC, CA, McAfee, etc.) for more than 16 years. Our complete sales force and well-established channel coverage, supported by our experienced technical team, have made us the market leader in ICT distribution business in Taiwan.

聚碩科技成立於1998年代理世界一流品牌 Cisco、IBM、Oracle、VMware、Citrix、Red Hat、EMC、CA、McAfee等網路及系統軟、硬體產品,透過遍及全台的經銷夥伴合作方式,提供客戶各種不同領域的企業資訊整合解決方案。除此之外,聚碩科技會主動以客戶的角度進行整體網路架構、主機系統、資訊安全機制、資料庫、以及相關企業應用軟體的規劃,藉以滿足客戶的需求,並將代理產品的效用發揮到最大。

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