Remote DBA Policies

MariaDB Remote DBA Services

MariaDB Corporation delivers Remote DBA services for MariaDB Server, MariaDB ColumnStore, MariaDB MaxScale, MySQL Server, and related products via the Customer Support Portal.

Each designated technical contact will receive a Customer Support Portal login (based on the associated email address) that can be used to report new support issues, monitor ongoing issues, or review historical issues. Information regarding making changes to technical contacts can be found in the "Welcome Letter" provided after signup, and is also available in the Help section of the Customer Support Portal.

All Remote DBA services are delivered in English. MariaDB will use reasonable efforts to provide technical support in languages other than English using MariaDB Remote DBA’s available personnel, but may not have such resources available or available at the time of the request.

Remote DBA Customer On-Boarding

Once Remote DBA services are purchased, an on-boarding call is scheduled to gather the necessary information for the Remote DBA team to remotely access supported database servers. Information about the architecture, operating systems, database server versions, backup schedules, etc will also be documented during this call. Once the required information has been collected, monitoring software will be installed and setup to alert MariaDB. Certain alerts such as server availability, replication health, and others will be configured to open issues automatically in the Customer Support Portal.

Subscription Comparison

  Standard Subscription Platinum Subscription
Installation of monitoring and alerting solution
Service Level Agreements (defined below)
Real-time chat service
Telephone support as necessary (limitations apply)
Initial environment and configuration review
Database configuration recommendations
Backup configuration and monitoring (limitations apply)
Review and recommend best practices
Database recovery assistance Credits
Backup verification via automatic restore (limitations apply) Credits
Replication setup, configuration, and repair Credits
Schema changes and migrations Credits
Query optimization and tuning assistance Credits
Quarterly upgrades of MariaDB Server (limitations apply) Credits
Quarterly security and performance audits as requested Credits
Semi-annual architecture review as requested Credits
Other database administration–related tasks as requested Credits Credits


Credits can be used for almost any DBA tasks not covered by the subscription. Credits can only be used for Remote DBA with an active Remote DBA subscription. Credits may not be used as a substitution for consulting. Long running tasks (IE > 2hrs consecutively) may be recommended to consulting.

Issue Severity

All Remote DBA issues are assigned a Severity level reflecting the impact to production operations. This is set initially by the technical contact when reporting a new issue via the Customer Support Portal, and MariaDB Support will help to ensure that the issue receives an appropriate rating:

  • Severity 1 (S1): Catastrophic problem that severely impacts the ability to conduct business. This means that production systems are down (completely non-responsive or not functioning) and no known workaround exists.
  • Severity 2 (S2): High impact problem in which production operations are disrupted but remain somewhat productive or have an available workaround.
  • Severity 3 (S3): Medium or lower impact problem that involves partial loss of non-critical functionality. This may be a minor issue with limited or no loss of functionality or impact to production operations. This includes administrative requests and errors in product documentation.
  • Severity 4 (S4): Low level problem that does not significantly affect system function or operations. This includes new feature requests.

In exceptional situations, MariaDB Remote DBA may elect to assign an S1 or S2 Severity level for failures on non-production systems based on the overall business impact. MariaDB Remote DBA may change the severity of an issue based on the guidelines above at the discretion of the assigned Remote DBA.

Supported Products

  • MariaDB Server
  • MariaDB Cluster with Galera
  • MariaDB ColumnStore
  • MariaDB MaxScale
  • MariaDB Backup
  • MariaDB Client Library for C
  • MariaDB Client Library for JDBC
  • MariaDB Client Library for ODBC
  • MariaDB Auditing and Authentication Plugins
  • MONyog Ultimate and SQLyog Ultimate by Webyog
  • MySQL Server by Oracle
  • Percona Toolkit

Consulting services and commercially reasonable "best effort" Support services for additional products and technologies may be delivered at MariaDB Corporation's discretion.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Severity Level Response Time
S1 30 minutes 24x7
S2 2 hours 24x5
S3 4 hours 24x5
S4 8 hours 24x5


The overall level of support available for a particular product and platform combination may vary from version to version.

No service level agreement with geographical restriction requirements. MariaDB Remote DBA will give their best effort to meet SLAs, but may not be possible.

No service level agreement with individual account requirements. MariaDB Remote DBA will give their best effort to meet SLAs, but may not be possible.

Remote connectivity should be via VPN and/or SSH only. Screen sharing is not a valid method for remote connectivity.

Projects and long running tasks (longer than 2 hours consecutively) may be referred to Consulting.

Remote DBA customers may request telephone support for any severity level issue. There is no Service Level Agreement for telephone support, and is subject to availability. Duration of telephone support sessions should be kept to a minimum and only used when necessary to solve the issue or discuss future tasks.

Backup monitoring is as requested. Backup monitoring is only available if using a backup script which will notify on backup failure via email. Such backup script may be provided if needed.

Automatic backup restore and verification is as requested. Automatic backup restore and verification is only available using provided script(s). A server must be provided to Remote DBA for restoration. Verification verifies the backup can be restored, not the validity of the data it contains.

Quarterly upgrades are limited to one major version per quarter.

Support for legacy versions of products that no longer receive Engineering Support may require an additional fee. Examples include MySQL Server versions 3.23, 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, and 5.1.

Remote DBA for issues specific to a platform that lacks Engineering Support may be limited to problems that can be reproduced on a platform that has Engineering Support.

MariaDB Corporation will make every commercially reasonable effort to work with other product and platform vendors to resolve issues affecting our supported products.


Q: Does MariaDB Remote DBA offer per-incident services?
A: No.

Q: Does MariaDB Remote DBA include data recovery services?
A: No. It may be possible to recover some or all of your data in particular circumstances, and we may provide suggestions where possible, however, you must maintain regular, valid backups of your data.

Q: Must I purchase Remote DBA for multiple servers to receive assistance with replication, Galera, and similar scale out and high availability solutions?
A: Yes.

Q: Does "Response Time" refer to resolution time?
A: No. Response time is the maximum time before a Remote DBA is assigned to a newly reported Severity 1 issue and fully engaged in working toward its resolution. Actual time required for final resolution will vary.

Q: Must a technical contact remain available 24x7 for ongoing service for S1 issues?
A: Yes, if we require additional information from a technical contact in order to make progress toward issue resolution.