May 4-6, 2020 | New York City

MariaDB Wavemaker Awards


Are you making a splash with help from MariaDB databases? If so, you’re a MariaDB Wavemaker – an innovator spreading inspiring ripples throughout your industry. For that, we’d like to salute you. 

The MariaDB Wavemaker Awards, which will be presented at the OpenWorks 2020 conference, celebrate MariaDB customers and partners who have rocked boats with their creative and ingenious implementations of MariaDB.

We invite you to nominate your company, a partner or any individual you know who is building something great with MariaDB.

 All Wavemaker Award winners will receive two complimentary passes to MariaDB OpenWorks, taking place May 4-6, 2020 in NYC, and will receive recognition at a ceremony during the event. Plus, winners will be recognized in a press release and a blog post.

Award categories

Enterprise of the Year
This award honors an enterprise company that has reached the highest crests with MariaDB: achieving more with MariaDB Platform or throwing a legacy database overboard.

Cloud Champion of the Year
MariaDB is a great fit in any cloud. This award recognizes organizations and individuals who are throwing cold water in the face of conventionality – and proving that the sky’s the limit with MariaDB in the cloud.

Database Transformation of the Year
Is your organization in a totally different place than it was a year ago? Have you standardized on open source? Moved to a microservices infrastructure? Taken the plunge to transition from Oracle? This award highlights organizations that have bravely disrupted their own waters to reach higher tides with MariaDB.

SaaS Application of the Year
This award is for SaaS organizations that rely on MariaDB to keep their applications in shipshape. The winner’s app will be the kind of software that other developers happily ride the wake of.

For any questions about the MariaDB Wavemaker Awards, please email

Submission deadline: March 12, 2020

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