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Marko Mäkelä

Lead Developer, MariaDB
Marko joined MariaDB in 2016. He has been developing InnoDB internals since 2003 when he joined Innobase Oy after completing his doctoral thesis on model checking concurrent and distributed systems.

Faster, Better, Stronger, InnoDB in MariaDB Server 10.5

InnoDB is the default storage engine for MariaDB Enterprise Server and MariaDB Community Server. While originally based on the MySQL implementation of InnoDB, MariaDB has been diverging from the original…


ALTER TABLE Improvements in MariaDB Server 10.4

MariaDB Server 10.4 includes new ALTER TABLE improvements. A year earlier, the first GA release of MariaDB Server 10.3 introduced support for ADD COLUMN with ALGORITHM=INSTANT. Now, MariaDB Server 10.4…


InnoDB Quality Improvements in MariaDB Server

InnoDB is the default storage engine used for MariaDB and is especially great for mixed read and write workloads. Over the last few years, we’ve delivered a number of quality…


ALTER TABLE Improvements in MariaDB Server 10.3

MariaDB Server 10.3.7 (the first Generally Available release in the series) includes some ALTER TABLE improvements that are worth mentioning. Last October, I wrote about the Instant ADD COLUMN feature…


Instant ADD COLUMN for InnoDB

MariaDB Server 10.3.2 alpha was released this week. For InnoDB, the new features coming in MariaDB Server 10.3 include CREATE SEQUENCE which is a logical continuation of the Persistent AUTO_INCREMENT…