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Business Scalability, Operational Efficiency and Competitive Edge with MariaDB MaxScale 1.0 GA

When I started my career in early nineties, the Internet, the open source software movement and the Linux operating system … Continued


MaxScale and Transparent Session Handling

Applications are often built on top of single MySQL-compliant database instance but often there is a need for more performance … Continued


Joomla! on MariaDB tips from Joomla! Day in Milan

My relationship with Colt Engine, the Italian Joomla! Provider started in March 2011, when SkySQL was still a very “young” … Continued


MaxScale and Filter plugins: how they can help to build flexible architectures

MariaDB MaxScale is now RC and together with all the MariaDB team that has been involved in the project we … Continued


A Year In The Life Of MaxScale

This time of the year it is traditional, at least in the UK, to look back and reflect on the … Continued


MaxScale, manual control, external monitors and notification methods

One of the nice things about the “plug and play” approach of MaxScale is that people constantly find ways of … Continued


How Enterprising Are You?

Enterprise software has a tough task: deliver compelling features and functions while meeting production grade service levels. Our job is … Continued


Join MariaDB in Milan, Italy for Conference & Training

Join us in Milan, Italy for a combined two days MariaDB 10 conference and training event on December 16-17th. Register … Continued


How to manage MariaDB with Puppet

Puppet is a powerful automation tool that helps administrators manage complex server setups centrally. You can use Puppet to manage … Continued


How to connect Python programs to MariaDB

This blog was refreshed in June 2020. Read the latest on how to connect Python programs to MariaDB here.   … Continued

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