Connecting to MariaDB databases using C++

To connect to MariaDB databases from C++ applications, you need MariaDB Connector/C++.

Install the connector

Download the connector from the downloads page. You can find detailed installation instructions in the docs site.

Including the API

Include the header file:

#include  <mariadb/conncpp.hpp>

Connecting to the database

Connect to a MariaDB database running on your machine:

sql::SQLString url("jdbc:mariadb://localhost:3306/db");
sql::Properties properties({{"user", "the_user"}, {"password", "the_password"}});
sql::Driver* driver= sql::mariadb::get_driver_instance();
std::unique_ptr<Connection> conn(driver->connect(url, properties));

Querying the database

Execute a SQL query:

std::shared_ptr<sql::Statement> statement(conn->createStatement());
std::unique_ptr<sql::ResultSet> result(statement->executeQuery("SELECT name, email FROM contact"));

while (result->next())
        << result->getString("name")
        << " "
        << result->getString("email")
        << std::endl;

Check the documentation and the Developer Code Central on GitHub for more information and examples.

Need more help?

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