Connect using Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft Power BI Desktop users can connect to MariaDB SkySQL services:

  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop is a freely-downloadable Business Intelligence tool.

  • MariaDB Direct Query Adapter is a Microsoft-certified connector for Microsoft Power BI Desktop.

  • Databases can be queried without downloading the entire data set to your local machine.

Use Cases

  • Data querying

  • Data modeling

  • Reports and dashboards


MariaDB Direct Query Adapter for Microsoft Power BI Desktop is compatible with:

  • Multi-Node Analytics

  • Replicated Transactions

  • Single Node Analytics

  • Single Node Transactions


Download and Install

To use MariaDB Direct Query Adapter with Microsoft Power BI Desktop:

  1. Verify system requirements for Microsoft Power BI Desktop.

  2. Download Microsoft Power BI Desktop and install using Microsoft-provided instructions.

  3. Download MariaDB ODBC Connector version 3.1.10 or later, for Microsoft Windows 64-bit.

  4. Install MariaDB ODBC Connector:

    1. Execute the MariaDB ODBC Connector 64-bit Setup Wizard.

    2. Click "Next".

    3. Read and accept the terms and agreement.

    4. Click "Next".

    5. Choose "Typical" for installation type and click "Install".

    6. When asked if you want to allow this app to makes changes to your device, click "Yes".

    7. If you have older versions of MariaDB ODBC Connector 64-bit, select "Make User DSN's for older Connector version to use this version".

    8. Click "Finish".


Power BI Data Selection menu showing MariaDB option

Connect to your remote MariaDB database from Power BI Desktop using the MariaDB Direct Query Adapter:

  1. Open Microsoft Power BI Desktop.

  2. From the Power BI home screen, choose Get Data->More. Enter "MariaDB".

  3. Select MariaDB from the menu and click "Connect".

  4. Enter the data source. SkySQL service details include the qualified domain name and port number.

  5. Select "DirectQuery" and click "OK".

  6. Enter your database username and password and click "Connect".

  7. Microsoft Power BI is now connected to your MariaDB database. For additional information, see Microsoft Power BI documentation.


Power BI depends on relationships for data analysis.


With Analytics services, relationships must be set up manually. For additional information, see "Create and Manage Relationships in Power BI" (Microsoft documentation).


With Transactions services, relationships can be set up manually or automatically. Automatic relationships depend on foreign keys. For additional information, see "Create and Manage Relationships in Power BI" (Microsoft documentation).