Options for mysqladmin in MariaDB Community Server 10.2





Directory for character set files.

--compress (-C)

Use compression in server/client protocol.


Number of seconds before connection timeout.

--count (-c)

Number of iterations to make. This works with -i (--sleep) only.


Check memory and open file usage at exit.


Print some debug info at exit.


Default authentication client-side plugin to use.


Set the default character set.


Read this file after the global files are read.


Only read default options from the given file #.


Additionally read default groups with # appended as a suffix.

--force (-f)

Don't ask for confirmation on drop database; with multiple commands, continue even if an error occurs.

--help (-?)

Display this help and exit.

--host (-h)

Connect to host.

--local (-l)

Local command, don't write to binlog.

--no-beep (-b)

Turn off beep on error.


Don't read default options from any option file.

--password (-p)

Password to use when connecting to server. If password is not given it's asked from the tty.


Directory for client-side plugins.

--port (-P)

Port number to use for connection or 0 for default to, in order of preference, my.cnf, $MYSQL_TCP_PORT, /etc/services, built-in default (3306).


Print the program argument list and exit.


The protocol to use for connection (tcp, socket, pipe, memory).

--relative (-r)

Show difference between current and previous values when used with -i. Currently only works with extended-status.


The maximum number of seconds to wait during a shutdown.

--silent (-s)

Silently exit if one can't connect to server.

--sleep (-i)

Execute commands repeatedly with a sleep between.

--socket (-S)

The socket file to use for connection.


Enable SSL for connection (automatically enabled with other flags).


CA file in PEM format (check OpenSSL docs, implies --ssl).


CA directory (check OpenSSL docs, implies --ssl).


X509 cert in PEM format (implies --ssl).


SSL cipher to use (implies --ssl).


Certificate revocation list (implies --ssl).


Certificate revocation list path (implies --ssl).


X509 key in PEM format (implies --ssl).


Verify server's "Common Name" in its cert against hostname used when connecting. This option is disabled by default.

--user (-u)

User for login if not current user.

--verbose (-v)

Write more information.

--version (-V)

Output version information and exit.

--vertical (-E)

Print output vertically. Is similar to --relative, but prints output vertically.

--wait (-w)

Wait and retry if connection is down.