Release Notes for MariaDB Connector/C++ 1.0.1


MariaDB Connector/C++ is the interface between C++ applications and MariaDB Server. MariaDB Connector/C++ enables development of C++ applications using a JDBC-based API, which is also used by MariaDB Connector/J.

MariaDB Connector/C++ 1.0.1 was released on 2021-06-17. This release is of General Availability (GA) maturity.

MariaDB Connector/C++ implements the MySQL protocol using the MariaDB Connector/C API. This release depends on MariaDB Connector/C 3.1.13.

Notable Changes

  • Adds useCharacterEncoding connection string option to control the character set used for connection, input, and results. Includes OPT_SET_CHARSET_NAME and useCharset aliases for compatibility. (CONCPP-78)

  • Adds credentialType connection string option to set the default client-side authentication plugin, similar to MYSQL_DEFAULT_AUTH in MariaDB Connector/C. Includes defaultAuth alias for compatibility. (CONCPP-84)

Issues Fixed

  • Metadata retrieved from mysql.proc instead of using the Information Schema. (CONCPP-69)

  • CMake generates an error on nesting of flow control statements. (CONCPP-79)

  • CMake fails when called without the -DWITH_SSL=OpenSSL option. (CONCPP-80)

  • Sub-directory install paths include a dot (./) directory, which is not correct. (CONCPP-81)