Release Notes for MariaDB Connector/R2DBC 1.0.1


MariaDB Connector/R2DBC is a non-blocking interface between Java applications and MariaDB Server. MariaDB Connector/R2DBC enables the development of Java 8+ applications for MariaDB database products.

MariaDB Connector/R2DBC 1.0.1 was released on 2021-03-11. This release is compatible with R2DBC 0.8.4 specification.

Notable Changes

  • MariaDB Connector/R2DBC now supports R2DBC specification version 0.8.4.

Issues Fixed

  • Ensure autocommit initial state. (R2DBC-16)

    • New option autocommit that defaults to true

  • Transaction in query flux might not be persisted. (R2DBC-17)

  • Data with size bigger than 16Mb correction. (R2DBC-19)