MariaDB Platform Overview

MariaDB Platform has the ability to run at small scale for development environments and global scale for production environments.

MariaDB Platform allows customers to meet regulatory requirements for encryption, operating requirements for resiliency and scaling, and challenges from complex workloads using a single stack.

Available Documentation

This Application Development Guide details application design, connecting, querying, and working with MariaDB Enterprise Server. This Development Guide is part of the MariaDB Enterprise Documentation, accessible at:

Platform Capabilities

MariaDB Platform X4 delivers:

  • ACID-compliant SQL RDBMS

  • Columnar data store for analytical workloads (OLAP)

  • Support for Hybrid Transactional-Analytical Processing (HTAP)

  • Pluggable storage engines for workload optimization, including options for general transactional workloads (OLTP), write-intensive, read-intensive, and sharding

  • Client connectors for C/C++, Java, ODBC, and Node.js

Platform Components

MariaDB Platform X4 includes:

  • MariaDB Enterprise Server, a 100% Open Source modern SQL database

  • MariaDB ColumnStore, a distributed, columnar storage engine for analytical processing

  • MariaDB MaxScale, an advanced database proxy, firewall, and query router

  • MariaDB Connectors, lightweight, advanced connectors for high-performance data access

MariaDB Enterprise Server

MariaDB Enterprise Server is a component of MariaDB Platform. MariaDB Enterprise Server provides:

  • An Enterprise lifecycle, for predictable release behavior and optimized builds

  • Pluggable storage engines for workload optimization

  • System-Versioned, Application-Time Period, and Bitemporal temporal data tables

  • Common Table Expressions (CTE) and window functions

  • JSON for microservices and semi-structured data

  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems, or geospatial) functions and data types

  • MariaDB SQL/PSM, based on ISO standard SQL/PSM

  • MariaDB SQL/PL, a compatible subset of Oracle PL/SQL

  • Data-at-rest encryption and data-in-transit encryption

  • Advanced authentication and authorization

  • MariaDB Enterprise Audit

  • MariaDB Enterprise Backup and InnoDB instant ALTER