Clients and Connectors

Database connections are made using a connector (from an application) or a client (interactively or from scripts).


Clients and connectors listed here are supported under MariaDB Corporation Engineering Policies.

Clients and connectors listed here are compatible with:

  • MariaDB SkySQL DBaaS

  • MariaDB Platform (including MariaDB Enterprise Server and MariaDB MaxScale)

  • MariaDB Community Server

MariaDB Connectors

MariaDB Connectors are available for many popular programming languages.

Programming Language / Interface



MariaDB Connector/C


MariaDB Connector/C++

Java - JDBC

MariaDB Connector/J

Java - R2DBC

MariaDB Connector/R2DBC


MariaDB Connector/Node.js


MariaDB Connector/ODBC


MariaDB Connector/Python

MariaDB Client

MariaDB Client can be used interactively or within scripts.

MariaDB Client is included with distributions of MariaDB Platform.

Compatible third-party clients exist but are not listed here.

Executable Filename


mariadb, mysql

Connect from the command-line

Tools and Utilities

Tools and utilities listed here are included with distributions of MariaDB Platform and make a client connection.

Command-Line Executable


mariadb-admin, mysqladmin

Check configuration and current status

mariadb-backup, mariabackup

Create and restore physical backups (including Aria, InnoDB, MyISAM, MyRocks)

mariadb-binlog, mysqlbinlog

Read binary logs or relay logs

mariadb-check, mysqlcheck

Perform table maintenance operations

mariadb-dump, mysqldump

Create logical backups

mariadb-import, mysqlimport

Load table data from CSV, TSV, and other text file formats

mariadb-show, mysqlshow

Display databases, tables, table columns, indexes

mariadb-slap, mysqlslap

Generate client load for testing