Deploy with Binary Tarballs


MariaDB Corporation provides binary tarballs for some MariaDB Enterprise components.

Binary tarballs provide multiple benefits:

  • Binary tarballs are compressed tar archives that contain pre-compiled executables, libraries, and other deployment dependencies.

  • Binary tarballs can be installed to any path by extracting the contents to the desired path.

  • After performing a component-specific configuration procedure, the files can be used in-place.

If you want to deploy MariaDB Enterprise components without using a binary tarball, alternative deployment methods are available. Available deployment methods are component-specific.

Use Cases

MariaDB Enterprise components can be deployed with binary tarballs to support use cases, such as:

  • Transfer the binary tarball to an air-gapped network for installation without an internet connection

  • Install software without using a package manager

  • Install software to a custom path

  • Simultaneously install multiple versions of software at different paths

  • Install software as a non-root user

  • Build your own packages


The following MariaDB Enterprise components can be deployed using binary tarballs:

  • MariaDB Community Server 10.2

  • MariaDB Community Server 10.3

  • MariaDB Community Server 10.4

  • MariaDB Community Server 10.5 (excluding ColumnStore 5)

  • MariaDB Community Server 10.6 (excluding ColumnStore 6)

  • MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.2

  • MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.3

  • MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4

  • MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5 (excluding Enterprise ColumnStore 5)

  • MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6 (excluding Enterprise ColumnStore 6)

  • MariaDB MaxScale 2.4

  • MariaDB MaxScale 2.5

  • MariaDB MaxScale 6

  • MariaDB MaxScale 22.08

  • MariaDB Xpand 5.3

  • MariaDB Xpand 6

Download a Binary Tarball

MariaDB Corporation provides multiple interfaces to download binary tarballs.

Download a Binary Tarball with a Web Browser

Steps to download a binary tarball with a web browser:

  1. Visit the MariaDB Download interface for the specific MariaDB Enterprise component:

  2. Navigate to the binary tarball that you would like to download.

  3. Click on the file name to download the binary tarball.

Download a Binary Tarball with Command-Line or Automation

Binary tarballs can be downloaded using command-line tools or automation from the MariaDB Download interface with the Customer Download Token.

For additional information, see "Download Binary Files".

Installation from Binary Tarball

Many of the configuration steps handled by repository deployment and package tarball deployment must be performed manually when installing from a binary tarball.

Installation from binary tarball requires you to account for steps typically handled by the package manager, including:

  • Copying files to desired locations

  • Changing file ownership

  • Changing file permissions

  • Configuring system policies, if applicable

  • Rebuilding OS caches

  • Creating the default /etc/my.cnf or /etc/mysql/my.cnf configuration file, and using the !include or !includedir directive to include the provided mariadb-enterprise.cnf configuration file

  • Initializing and hardening the data directory by executing mariadb-install-db (ES10.4 and later) or mysql_install_db (ES10.3, ES10.2)

Installation loads software to the system. This software requires configuration before the database server is ready for use.