MariaDB Platform Overview

The first step in deploying MariaDB Platform is to identify which MariaDB Platform components you wish to install.

Using a single stack, MariaDB Platform enables customers to meet scaling challenges from complex workloads, operating requirements for resiliency, and regulatory requirements for data encryption.

Additional information on MariaDB Platform can be obtained by contacting MariaDB Corporation.

Platform Components

MariaDB Platform X5 includes:



MariaDB SkySQL

Expert-maintained cloud infrastructure from MariaDB

MariaDB Enterprise Server

100% Open Source modern SQL database with enterprise-grade enhancements

MariaDB Community Server

100% Open Source modern SQL database

MariaDB ColumnStore

Distributed, columnar storage engine for scalable analytical processing

MariaDB Xpand

Distributed SQL, high availability, and fault tolerance for scale-out transactional workloads

MariaDB MaxScale

Advanced database proxy, firewall, and query router

MariaDB Connectors

Lightweight, advanced connectors for high-performance data access

MariaDB Enterprise Server Components

MariaDB Enterprise Server is a component of MariaDB Platform.

MariaDB Enterprise Server incorporates pluggable storage engines, replication technologies, and a broad range of features.

Pluggable Storage Engines

MariaDB Enterprise Server includes pluggable storage engines optimized for specific database workload types.

Storage Engine

Use Case


General purpose, mixed read/write workloads


Columnar storage for analytical processing


Distributed storage engine for scalability and high availability


Sharding to multiple database instances


Write-intensive workloads


Read-intensive workloads without transactions


Read-only storage engine for archiving tables in S3

Replication Technology

MariaDB Enterprise Server includes data replication technologies:

Replication Technology

Use Case

MariaDB Replication

Asynchronous and semi-synchronous replication

MariaDB Enterprise Cluster

Virtually synchronous replication

The next step in deploying MariaDB Platform is to confirm OS compatibility.