Customer Download Token

MariaDB Corporation provides binaries to install enterprise products, such as MariaDB Enterprise Server, MariaDB Enterprise Backup, and MariaDB Enterprise Audit. These products require a Customer Download Token to access packages from their repositories.

Retrieving Tokens

Customer Download Token are available through the MariaDB Customer Portal.


MariaDB Download Tokens are customer-specific. Protect the token as you would any security credential.

To retrieve the token for you account,

  1. Navigate to

  2. Log in.

  3. Copy the Customer Download Token.

Using Tokens

With the Customer Download Token, you can use the mariadb_es_repo_setup script to configure software repositories to download enterprise products:

$ mariadb_es_repo_setup --token="customer_download_token" --apply

Additional information on configuring repositories and installing products is available in the MariaDB Platform Deployment Process.