Step 4: Install MariaDB Enterprise Server


This page details step 4 of the 9-step procedure "Deploy Xpand Storage Engine Topology".

This step installs MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5.

The Xpand Storage Engine topology requires three or more MariaDB Enterprise Server nodes. Nodes must meet requirements.

Interactive commands are detailed. Alternatively, the described operations can be performed using automation.

Retrieve Customer Download Token

MariaDB Corporation provides package repositories for CentOS/RHEL (YUM). A download token is required to access the MariaDB Enterprise Repository.

Customer Download Tokens are customer-specific and are available through the MariaDB Customer Portal.

To retrieve the token for your account:

  1. Navigate to the correct MariaDB page:

  2. Log in.

  3. Copy the Customer Download Token.

Substitute your token for CUSTOMER_DOWNLOAD_TOKEN when configuring the package repositories.

Set Up Repository

  1. On each Enterprise Server node install the prerequisites for downloading the software from the Web.

    $ sudo yum install wget
  2. On each Enterprise Server node, configure package repositories and specify Enterprise Server 10.5:

    $ wget
    $ echo "5feb2aac767c512cc9e2af674d1aef42df0b775ba2968fffa8700eb42702bd44  mariadb_es_repo_setup" \
           | sha256sum -c -
    $ chmod +x mariadb_es_repo_setup
    $ sudo ./mariadb_es_repo_setup --token="CUSTOMER_DOWNLOAD_TOKEN" --apply \
          --skip-maxscale \
          --skip-tools \

Install Enterprise Server

On each Enterprise Server node, install MariaDB Enterprise Server, MariaDB Enterprise Backup, and the Xpand storage engine plugin:

$ sudo yum install MariaDB-server MariaDB-backup MariaDB-xpand-engine

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