mariadb_repo_setup for MariaDB Community Server


The mariadb_repo_setup script configures APT/YUM/ZYpp to install software from the MariaDB Community Repository on supported Linux operating systems.

To configure APT/YUM/ZYpp to install software from the MariaDB Enterprise Repository, see mariadb_es_repo_setup instead.


The mariadb_repo_setup script is available for download from MariaDB Corporation:

$ wget -N

$ echo "26e5bf36846003c4fe455713777a4e4a613da0df3b7f74b6dad1cb901f324a84  mariadb_repo_setup" \
       | sha256sum -c -

$ chmod +x mariadb_repo_setup


$ sudo ./mariadb_repo_setup [ OPTIONS .. ]

For additional information, see "Configure the MariaDB Community RepositoryConfigure the MariaDB Community Repository".

mariadb_repo_setup Options




Override detection of CPU architecture. Acceptable values are 'x86_64', 'aarch64', 'amd64', & 'arm64'.


Display this help and exit.


Override the default MariaDB MaxScale version. By default, the script will use 'latest'.


Override the default MariaDB Server version. By default, the script will use 'mariadb-10.9'.


Override detection of OS type. Acceptable values include 'debian', 'ubuntu', 'rhel', & 'sles'.


Override detection of OS version. Acceptable values depend on the OS type you specify.


Skip tests for required prerequisites for this script.


Skip tests for versions being past their EOL date


Skip importing GPG signing keys.


Skip the 'MaxScale' repository.


Skip tests for operating system versions being past EOL date


Skip the 'MariaDB Server' repository.


Skip the 'Tools' repository.


Skip verification of MariaDB Server versions. Use with caution as this can lead to an invalid repository configuration file being created.


Output the script version and exit.


Write output to stdout instead of to the OS's repository configuration. This will also skip importing GPG keys and updating the package cache on platforms where that behavior exists.