Instance Size


Database instance size can be selected to meet your requirements. Instance size defines vCPU count and memory.

Available instance sizes are topology-specific and region-specific.

All database nodes within a service use the same instance size.

For information about how to choose an instance size with the SkySQL DBaaS API, see "Instance Size Selections with the SkySQL DBaaS API".


  • Enterprise Server Single Node

  • Enterprise Server With Replica(s)

  • Xpand Distributed SQL

  • ColumnStore Data Warehouse

Initial Instance Size

Initial instance size is defined at time of service launch.

An extended range of instance sizes is available to Power Tier customers.

The option to choose MaxScale instance size is available to Power Tier customers.


With auto-scaling of nodes, Up/Down (vertical) scaling of instance size can be triggered automatically based on load.

Manual Scaling

Instance size can be manually changed after launch using Self-Service Operations.