Logging for MariaDB Enterprise Server


Logs provide a record of activities that have occurred on the database platform. MariaDB Enterprise Server supports several logging systems for collecting information on and observing various Server activities.



Error Log

Records error messages and warnings generated by MariaDB Enterprise Server.

Audit Log

Records general or specified activity of users for audit and compliance purposes.

Slow Query Log

Records all SQL statements that take longer to execute than a specified timeframe. Useful when troubleshooting query performance.

General Query Log

Records all executed SQL statements.

Binary Log

Records changes made to the database, such as through DDL or DML statements, or physical changes to specific rows. Used for replication environments and point-in-time recovery (PITR). Also called the binlog.

By default, MariaDB Enterprise Server only enables the Error Log, preventing unnecessary logging features from filling up disk space with messages. In order to use the Audit Log, configure MariaDB Enterprise Audit. To use the Slow Query Log, General Query Log, or Binary Log on your Server, set the relevant system variables.

SET GLOBAL slow_query_log = YES;

Additional information is available in the MariaDB Knowledge Base.