Enterprise Lifecycle

MariaDB Enterprise Server enables a predictable development and operations experience through an enterprise lifecycle. This enterprise lifecycle incorporates optimized builds, predictable release behavior, and vendor support.

Enterprise Builds

MariaDB Enterprise Server incorporates enhancements that are not present in MariaDB Community Server including:

  • Premium features to meet enterprise scaling and operations requirements.

  • Priority bug fixes that are available first to enterprise customers.

  • Increased code stability through restricted release of new functionality.

  • Reduction of risk from untested or incompatible features, through inclusion only features deemed "GA" (generally available) maturity.

  • Optimized configuration defaults.

For details on features added to enhance, harden, and secure MariaDB Enterprise Server, see What's New in MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4?.

Enterprise Releases

Releases of MariaDB Enterprise Server are predictable because:

  • Major releases are delivered on a schedule.

  • Minor releases are focused on small, incremental defect remediation.

  • Critical fixes from newer release series are selectively backported.

  • Enterprise-grade testing drives a low defect rate.

  • Specific changes present in each release are clearly communicated.

Additional information on the release cycle for MariaDB Enterprise Server can be found in MariaDB Corporation Engineering Policy.

Upcoming Minor Releases

Minor releases of MariaDB Enterprise Server incorporate bug fixes and security fixes. Like all releases of MariaDB Enterprise Server, minor releases undergo extensive QA testing before release to customers.

The frequency of minor releases is variable. Minor releases occur for each release series at least quarterly. A portion of minor releases occur on a pre-scheduled basis. Additional releases may be added by MariaDB Corporation between scheduled release dates to manage the flow of change or to address specific defects.

Upcoming minor releases are scheduled for:

  • 2019-08-19

  • 2019-09-30

  • 2019-11-18

  • 2020-01-06

  • 2020-02-17

Obtaining MariaDB Enterprise Server

MariaDB Enterprise Server is available to MariaDB subscription customers via the MariaDB Customer Portal.

If you are not yet a MariaDB subscription customer, contact MariaDB Corporation for more information.

MariaDB Enterprise Server binary and source code is delivered over secure protocols from MariaDB Corporation-maintained infrastructure as detailed in the Deployment Guide.

Enterprise Release Identifiers

Releases of MariaDB Enterprise Server are given an identifier such as 'MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4.11-3', whose components are:

  • The product name (MariaDB Enterprise Server).

  • The release series (10.4, spoken "ten-four").

  • The point release of MariaDB Community Server used as the base of this Enterprise Server release (.11, spoken "ten-four-eleven").

  • The release postfix of MariaDB Enterprise Server, starting with '-1' and incremented for subsequent releases on that release series (-3, spoken "ten-four-eleven-dash-three").

  • On the Debian and Ubuntu platforms, the release postfix contains a period instead of a dash, such that release postfixes start with .1 and increment for subsequent releases on that release series (.3, spoken "ten-four-eleven-dot-three").

Additional information on the release numbering for MariaDB Enterprise Server can be found in MariaDB Corporation Engineering Policy.

Enterprise Support

MariaDB Corporation offers vendor support for MariaDB Enterprise Server including: