MariaDB Enterprise Server


MariaDB Enterprise Server is a modern relational database management system supporting ACID-compliant transactions, analytics, data warehousing, and distributed SQL. MariaDB Enterprise Server is a component of MariaDB Enterprise.

Latest Software Releases

Release Series

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MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6.5-2



MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5.13-9



MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4.22-14



MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.3.32-14



MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.2.41-14


  • Modern SQL database with CTEs, Window functions, and other features to enable modern application development

  • Managed through an enterprise lifecycle with long life and predictable releases

  • Pluggable Storage Engines for transactional and analytical workloads

  • Cross-engine JOINs to avoid data silos

  • Built-in replication solutions with synchronous, semi-synchronous, and asynchronous replication and distributed SQL

  • SQL/PL, a compatible subset of Oracle PL/SQL

  • Temporal tables with system-versioned tables, application-time period tables, and time-based or transaction-based bitemporal support

  • Hot online backups to minimize workload impact during backups

  • Audit Logging logs data access and database operations with advanced filtering features


  • Available in the cloud on MariaDB SkySQL DBaaS

  • Available for production on-premises deployments. MariaDB products can be deployed in many different topologies to leverage advanced product capabilities, or be deployed to combine the capabilities of multiple topologies.


Enterprise Benefits

What makes MariaDB Enterprise Server well-suited for enterprise workloads?

MariaDB Enterprise Server is enhanced, hardened, and secured. Enterprise features include:

  • MariaDB Enterprise Audit with enhanced options to control the audited users, objects, and events

  • MariaDB Enterprise Backup for optimized handling of locks to reduce blocking of writes while a backup is taken

  • MariaDB Enterprise Cluster includes data-at-rest encryption for Galera transaction buffers, non-blocking DDL for Galera, and detailed cluster tracing

  • MariaDB Encryption Plugin for HashiCorp Vault for data-at-rest encryption key storage

  • Predictable releases

What are the benefits of predictable releases?

  • We structure the MariaDB Enterprise Server schedule to trail the MariaDB Community Server schedule, affording time for community testing before an enterprise-ready release.

  • Annual launches of new MariaDB Enterprise Server release series allow for customer planning.

  • Regularly-scheduled and priority-driven maintenance releases allow for customer agility.

When are features backported?

Innovation with each new MariaDB Enterprise Server release series helps our enterprise customers better address the challenges of modern application development.

Given MariaDB Enterprise Server's long lifecycle, we sometimes hear from customers running older versions of MariaDB Enterprise Server who would benefit from a feature introduced in a newer release series.

MariaDB Enterprise Backports allow us to carefully add selected features from a newer release series into an older release. This is done when there is a high value and can be done without risking the stability of a GA (generally available) software version.


How do I migrate from my current database to MariaDB Enterprise Server?

MariaDB Enterprise Server has a robust feature set and a strong migration path from other popular SQL databases. Please contact us to discuss how we can meet your specific needs.

Will my existing MariaDB applications work with Enterprise Server?

Applications developed for MariaDB Community Server can migrate to the equivalent version of MariaDB Enterprise Server without modification.