MariaDB Enterprise Server

MariaDB Enterprise Server is a 100% Open Source modern SQL database.

MariaDB Enterprise Server is a component of MariaDB Platform.

Vendor Support

MariaDB Enterprise Server is an Open Source database managed through an Enterprise Lifecycle.

MariaDB Enterprise Server extends the capabilities of the widely-deployed MariaDB Community Server with enterprise-focused advanced features, optimized builds, predictable release behavior, and vendor support by MariaDB Corporation.

Reliability and Scaling

MariaDB Enterprise Server includes features to enable cost-effective reliability for enterprise application workloads, including:

  • ACID-compliant transactions

  • Consistent schema change behavior via Instant ALTER

High Availability

MariaDB Enterprise Server provides high availability (HA) solutions:

Load Balancing

MariaDB Enterprise Server provides load balancing solutions:

Pluggable Storage Engines

MariaDB Enterprise Server includes pluggable storage engines to support different workloads, including:

Backup and Restore

MariaDB Enterprise Server includes MariaDB Enterprise Backup, which supports:


MariaDB Enterprise Server includes MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore which provides advanced analytical capabilities, including:

  • Columnar storage engine

  • Supports storing data in S3-compatible storage

  • Starting with MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4 MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore is included as a plugin.


MariaDB Enterprise Server includes features to enable secure operation of enterprise application workloads, including:

  • Authentication, authorization, logging

  • Audit plugin for activity tracking

  • Granular global privileges, so that fewer user accounts need superuser privileges

  • Enhanced defaults for security parameters and enabled plugins

Data-at-Rest Encryption

MariaDB Enterprise Server supports data-at-rest encryption:

Data-in-Transit Encryption

MariaDB Enterprise Server supports data-in-transit encryption:

Modern SQL Features

MariaDB Enterprise Server incorporates support for classic SQL database features including CRUD operations (INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE), Foreign Keys, JOIN, UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT, with modern features including:

  • Parts of the SQL-86 (aka SQL-87), SQL-92, SQL:1999, SQL:2003, SQL:2008, SQL:2011, and SQL:2016 standards (e.g., ISO/IEC 9075-1:2016)

  • JSON for micro-services and semi-structured data

  • Common Table Expressions (CTEs) and Window Functions

  • GIS data types and functions

  • Performance Schema

  • A Data Type API for plugins

Temporal Tables

MariaDB Enterprise Server supports Temporal Data Tables, including:

  • System-versioned tables

  • Application-time period tables

  • Bitemporal tables

Procedural Languages

  • MariaDB SQL/PSM, based on ISO standard SQL/PSM

  • MariaDB SQL/PL, a compatible subset of Oracle PL/SQL

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