MariaDB SkySQL


MariaDB SkySQL cloud database service (DBaaS) delivers MariaDB Enterprise on expert-maintained cloud infrastructure from MariaDB Corporation. (SkySQL Documentation)

Latest Release


  • MariaDB Enterprise for production-ready operations and enterprise enhancements like hot online backups and audit logging

  • Expert-backed Support is standard, with Enterprise and Platinum support options available to meet the needs of mission-critical deployments requiring 24x7 support

  • SkyDBA further extends the premium support experience and the capabilities of your in-house DBAs with the backing from a global team of expert MariaDB DBAs, available 24/7 for the most severe (S1) issues, and managing your MariaDB SkySQL databases both proactively and reactively so you can focus on your core business

  • SLA included for highly available multi-node services, with an elevated SLA for Power Tier customers

  • Multi-cloud, services are available on AWS and GCP

  • Workload-Optimized Services for distributed SQL, transactional, analytical, and hybrid workloads

  • Designed for Compliance and Infosec with data-at-rest and data-in-transit encryption options, isolation, available BAA for HIPAA and DPA for GDPR

  • Operationally Aware with support from expert DBAs, and real-time status and metrics through SkySQL Monitoring


Access the MariaDB SkySQL portal to get started.

  • Enterprise-grade cloud database services for mission-critical applications

  • Services optimized for distributed SQL, transactional, analytical, and hybrid workloads

  • Available on a range of AWS and GCP instance sizes

Resources for MariaDB SkySQL

See MariaDB SkySQL Documentation for detailed information on MariaDB SkySQL.



Why would I choose a DBaaS over an on-premises deployment?

Our platform and experts handle the infrastructure needs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

When you choose MariaDB SkySQL, a full-featured DBaaS, you forego the capital expenditure of buying hardware, the delay of waiting for new systems to ship every time you need to scale-up or scale-out, and the overhead and opportunity-cost of tuning, monitoring, and upgrading your database. SkySQL also handles routine tasks such as nightly backups and infrastructure maintenance.

And if you need ultimate control, and have the necessary skills and resources to hand-pick instances and tune configurations, we offer SkySQL Power Tier to deliver all of the on-premises benefits without the capex (capital expense) and operational overhead.


What hardware does SkySQL run on?

MariaDB SkySQL is multi-cloud and as a full-featured DBaaS we handle all of the hardware and infrastructure needs.

Services are currently available with a range of instance sizes running on:

  • Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)

  • Google GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and Google GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine)

Transactional services (such as our HA (Primary/Replica) topology) operate on:

  • AWS with EBS Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1 type) with Amazon EBS encryption

  • GCP with Zonal SSD Persistent Disk with Google's default encryption

Analytical services (such as our ColumnStore topology) operate on scalable object storage.


What software stack does SkySQL run on?

MariaDB SkySQL runs on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and MariaDB Enterprise. MariaDB Enterprise includes MariaDB Enterprise Server, MariaDB MaxScale, MariaDB ColumnStore, and MariaDB Xpand. MariaDB Enterprise Server enables a predictable development and operations experience through optimized builds, predictable release behavior, and vendor support.

Scaling and Right-Sizing

What options are available for scaling and right-sizing SkySQL?

You can choose topologies to match your workload requirements, cloud regions to match your latency and operating requirements, instance sizes, and support plan.

Our platform features:

  • Services optimized for distributed SQL, transactional, analytical, and hybrid workloads

  • Availability in a range of database instance sizes and storage sizes

  • Availability from multiple AWS (Amazon Web Services) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) regions

  • Custom instance sizes for Power Tier customers

  • A range of support options, with standard support included for all instances


Do I need to purchase a MariaDB Server license or subscription to use SkySQL?

No. Purchase of SkySQL service includes standard support and access to MariaDB Enterprise products on SkySQL.

You can begin using MariaDB SkySQL today.

Vendor Support

Is SkySQL fully managed?

Yes. SkySQL infrastructure is fully managed, including many typical operations features such as automated nightly backups and monitoring.

Standard support is included with all instances. Activities like performance tuning and assistance with schema change is not included in standard support. Enterprise and Platinum support options include consultative support.

Our optional SkyDBA service is available for Enterprise and Platinum support customers, and SkyDBA customers receive both reactive (break/fix) and proactive (analyze/enhance) assistance.