What's New in MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5?

The following changes were introduces in MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore, as included with MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5:


MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5 is included with MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5:


MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5 simplifies the installation process:

  • It is a plugin for MariaDB Enterprise Server.

  • It is deployed by installing a single additional package.

  • Users no longer need to execute columnstore-post-install and postConfigure.

  • It supports running Enterprise ColumnStore as a non-root user.


To install this version, see Deploy MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5.


MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5 supports simplified administration:

  • mcsadmin has been removed.

  • Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5 uses systemd to administer its service in single-node deployments.

  • It provides a new systemd service called mariadb-columnstore, which is used to manage Enterprise ColumnStore's service in single-node deployments. This systemd service replaces the following mcsadmin commands:

    Old mcsadmin Command

    Replacement systemd Command

    sudo mcsadmin startSystem

    sudo systemctl start mariadb-columnstore

    sudo mcsadmin stopSystem

    sudo systemctl stop mariadb-columnstore

    sudo mcsadmin shutdownSystem

    sudo systemctl stop mariadb-columnstore

    sudo mcsadmin restartSystem

    sudo systemctl restart mariadb-columnstore

    The Enterprise ColumnStore service should not be manually started or enabled in a multi-node deployment. The Enterprise ColumnStore service will be started as-needed by the CMAPI service, so it does not need to start automatically upon reboot.


MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5 supports multi-node deployments, which support high availability:


MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5 includes CMAPI 1.2, which is a REST API:

  • The REST API provides simplified cluster management for multi-node Enterprise ColumnStore deployments by:

    • Removing the need to configure SSH between nodes in a multi-node Enterprise ColumnStore deployment.

    • Providing an interface for MaxScale 2.5 to orchestrate the multi-node Enterprise ColumnStore deployment.

    • This REST API replaces the following mcsadmin commands for multi-node Enterprise ColumnStore deployments:

    Old mcsadmin Command

    Replacement REST API Command

    sudo mcsadmin getSystemStatus


    sudo mcsadmin startSystem


    sudo mcsadmin shutdownSystem


    sudo mcsadmin addModule


    sudo mcsadmin removeModule


S3-Compatible Object Storage

MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5 supports S3-compatible object storage for data:

  • It supports cpimport for multi-node ColumnStore deployments that use S3-compatible object storage.

  • It supports IAM roles.

Supersedes 5.4

MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5 supersedes MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.4: