Replication Configuration

MariaDB Enterprise Cluster can be deployed alongside MariaDB Replication. Deploying MariaDB Enterprise Cluster with MariaDB Replication enables integrating Enterprise Cluster with other products and clusters, such as a separate clusters in different data centers, or a small dedicated write cluster with two larger dedicated read clusters.

Options and system variables to consider when using MariaDB Replication with MariaDB Enterprise Cluster:

System Variable/Option



Set this option to enable the Binary Log, allowing the Cluster Node to operate as a Primary Server.


Sets a Cluster node to write all replicated transactions to the Binary Log, to replicate to separate replica servers.


Sets a numeric identifier for the Server, must be unique across all Servers being used in MariaDB Replication.


Sets the Cluster Node to automatically update a new node's wsrep_gtid_domain_id value to match the gtid_domain_id.


Sets the domain identifier to use in Enterprise Cluster related transactions.


Sets the domain identifier to use in non-Enterprise Cluster related transactions.


Sets MariaDB Enterprise Server to enforce global ordering for Global Transaction ID's.