Hybrid Transactional-Analytical Processing (HTAP)


MariaDB Enterprise supports Hybrid Transactional-Analytical Processing (HTAP) through its combination of MariaDB Enterprise Server, MariaDB ColumnStore, and MariaDB MaxScale.

MariaDB Enterprise Server handles Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) queries using row-based transactional storage engines, such as InnoDB or MyRocks.

MariaDB Enterprise Server handles Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) queries using the MariaDB ColumnStore storage engine.

MariaDB MaxScale handles client connections from users and applications. MaxScale can differentiate between queries, routing transactional queries to Servers managing InnoDB tables and routing analytical queries to Servers managing MariaDB ColumnStore tables.

Using MariaDB Replication, MariaDB Enterprise Server replicates writes from InnoDB tables to the MariaDB ColumnStore tables, ensuring that the application can perform analytical processing on current data. Combining MariaDB Replication with MariaDB MaxScale configured as a Binlog Server, MariaDB Enterprise Server can host InnoDB and ColumnStore on the same Server.

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