cpimport options in 1.4

MariaDB ColumnStore provides cpimport for bulk loading data into ColumnStore tables.





I/O library read buffer size (in bytes)


Number of read buffers


Escape character used in conjunction with 'enclosed by'


Application read buffer size(in bytes)


Print different level(1-3) debug message


Enclosed by character if field values are enclosed.


Max number of allowable error per table per PM


Data file directory path.


S3 Region (for S3 imports)


S3 Hostname (for S3 imports, Amazon's S3 default)


Print this message.


Import binary data; how to treat NULL values:


Print extended info to console in Mode 3.


Job ID. In simple usage, default is the table OID.


S3 Authentication Secret (for S3 imports)


Name of import file to be loaded, relative to -f path,




NullOption (0-treat the string NULL as data (default);


List of PMs ex: -P 1,2,3. Default is all PMs.


Path for XML job description file.


Batch Quantity, Number of rows distributed per batch in Mode 1


Number of readers.


Treat string truncations as errors.


'c' is the delimiter between column values.


Timezone used for TIMESTAMP datatype.


S3 Bucket (for S3 imports)


Number of parsers.


S3 Authentication Key (for S3 imports)