mcsSetConfig for MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 1.5


MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 1.5 includes the mcsSetConfig utility, which sets configuration parameters in Columnstore.xml.

Reference material is available for MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 1.5.

MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 1.5 is included with MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5.


The syntax for the mcsSetConfig utility is:


The supported sections and parameters are shown in Columnstore.xml, which is located in /etc/columnstore/ by default.

With multi-node MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 1.5, the mcsSetConfig utility should be executed on the primary server.


Please do not change ColumnStore configuration parameters in Columnstore.xml unless you have been directed to make the change by MariaDB Engineering or the documentation. Incorrect settings can render your system unusable. If you have any questions about ColumnStore configuration, please contact MariaDB Support.


The mcsSetConfig utility sets configuration parameters in Columnstore.xml, which is located in /etc/columnstore/ by default.

mcsGetConfig is a related utility that gets configuration parameters from Columnstore.xml.

mcsSetConfig Options for MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 1.5




config_file use config file config_file


don't perform misc checks and don't try to distribute the config file after changes are made


display this help text


display verbose information


delete the param from section (value is still required but ignored)

To see options supported in other versions, see "mcsSetConfig Options by MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore Version".


Set Mandatory Utility User Account

To set the configuration parameters for the mandatory utility user account:

$ sudo mcsSetConfig CrossEngineSupport Host
$ sudo mcsSetConfig CrossEngineSupport Port 3306
$ sudo mcsSetConfig CrossEngineSupport User cross_engine
$ sudo mcsSetConfig CrossEngineSupport Password cross_engine_passwd

Set Memory Limit for Joins

To set the memory limit for joins:

$ mcsSetConfig HashJoin PmMaxMemorySmallSide 1GB

Set Disk-Based Join Configuration

To set the configuration parameters for disk-based joins:

$ mcsSetConfig HashJoin AllowDiskBasedJoin Y
$ mcsSetConfig HashJoin TempFileCompression Y
$ mcsSetConfig HashJoin TempFilePath /mariadb/tmp