This is a command-line option for the mariadbd & mysqld commands (arg: Required).

In 10.5 ES, 10.5 CS, 10.4 ES, 10.4 CS:

Normally does not need tuning. How many old rows must accumulate in the mysql.gtid_slave_pos table before a background job will be run to delete them. Can be increased to reduce number of commits if using many different engines with --gtid_pos_auto_engines, or to reduce CPU overhead if using a huge number of different gtid_domain_ids. Can be decreased to reduce number of old rows in the table.

In 10.3 ES, 10.3 CS, 10.2 ES, 10.2 CS:

Not present

See also: Options for mariadbd & mysqld in 10.5 ES, in 10.5 CS, in 10.4 ES, in 10.4 CS, in 10.3 ES, in 10.3 CS, in 10.2 ES, and in 10.2 CS



Release Series


10.5 Enterprise

  • Present starting in MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5.3-1.

10.5 Community

  • Present starting in MariaDB Community Server 10.5.0.

10.4 Enterprise

  • Present starting in MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4.6-1.

10.4 Community

  • Added in MariaDB Community Server 10.4.1.

10.3 Enterprise

  • Not present.

10.3 Community

  • Not present.

10.2 Enterprise

  • Not present.

10.2 Community

  • Not present.