In 10.6 ES, 10.5 ES, 10.4 ES:

Hashed password history data for the password_reuse_check plugin.

In 10.6 CS, 10.5 CS, 10.4 CS, 10.3 ES, 10.3 CS, 10.2 ES, 10.2 CS:

Not present

See also: System Tables for MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6, in 10.6 CS, in 10.5 ES, in 10.5 CS, in 10.4 ES, in 10.4 CS, in 10.3 ES, in 10.3 CS, in 10.2 ES, and in 10.2 CS


This system table is created and updated by the password_reuse_check plugin as a means of storing historical password data.

Each row in the table stores a cryptographic hash and a date. The hashed data includes information about the affected user and the password that is being set. Because it is a one-way cryptographic hash, the stored data cannot be used to extract the prior password values nor which user the historical record is associated with.

The amount of time that the historical records are kept is controlled by the password_reuse_check_interval system variable which can be set to a count of days to use for the expiration period, or to 0 to indicate that the records do not expire. The default is for the data to never expire.


CREATE TABLE `password_reuse_check_history` (
  `hash` binary(64) NOT NULL,
  `time` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT current_timestamp(),
  PRIMARY KEY (`hash`),
  KEY `tm` (`time`)


Release Series


10.6 Enterprise

  • Added in MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6.8-4.

10.6 Community

  • Not present.

10.5 Enterprise

  • Added in MariaDB Community Server 10.5.16-11.

10.5 Community

  • Not present.

10.4 Enterprise

  • Added in MariaDB Community Server 10.4.25-16.

10.4 Community

  • Not present.

10.3 Enterprise

  • Not present.

10.3 Community

  • Not present.

10.2 Enterprise

  • Not present.

10.2 Community

  • Not present.