list servers


Lists configured server modules.

See also: MaxCtrl Commands for MariaDB MaxScale 6, in 2.5, in 2.4, and in 2.3


The following global options are accepted:



--config (-c)

MaxCtrl configuration file [string] [default: "~/.maxctrl.cnf"]


Show help [boolean]

--hosts (-h)

List of MaxScale hosts. The hosts must be in HOST:PORT format and each value must be separated by a comma. [string] [default: ""]

--password (-p)

Password for the user. To input the password manually, use -p '' or --password='' [string] [default: "mariadb"]

--quiet (-q)

Silence all output. Ignored while in interactive mode. [boolean] [default: false]

--secure (-s)

Enable HTTPS requests [boolean] [default: false]


Disable configuration synchronization for this command [boolean] [default: false]

--timeout (-t)

Request timeout in plain milliseconds, e.g., '-t 1000', or as duration with suffix [h|m|s|ms], e.g., '-t 10s' [string] [default: "10000"]


Path to TLS CA certificate [string]


Path to TLS public certificate [string]


Path to TLS private key [string]


Password for the TLS private key [string]

--tls-verify-server-cert (-n)

Whether to verify server TLS certificates [boolean] [default: true]


Print tab separated output [boolean] [default: false]

--user (-u)

Username to use [string] [default: "admin"]


Show version number [boolean]