Unsupported Features for MariaDB Xpand


The following are not currrently supported by Xpand:

  • Full Text Search

  • XA Transactions

  • Compression

  • GIS functions

  • WARNINGS - Xpand accepts syntax for SHOW WARNINGS but will not display any warnings.

  • XML Functions

  • Xpand does not support UDFs at all (i.e. external library extensions). But does support user-defined stored functions and user-defined stored procedures.

  • MySQL Performance Schema

  • MySQL sys Schema

  • The SET NAMES ASCII option. Use SET NAMES LATIN1 instead

  • PROXY protocol

  • Materialized Views


Xpand does not support MySQL 5.7 GTIDs for replication. To replicate to or from MySQL 5.7, disable the GTID functionality. For additional information, see "Configure MariaDB Xpand as a Replication Master" and "Configure MariaDB Xpand as a Replication Slave".