Release Notes for MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5.2

MariaDB ColumnStore is a columnar storage engine for MariaDB Server.

This release of MariaDB ColumnStore is included with MariaDB Community Server 10.5.4.

MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5.2 was released on 2020-06-24. It is the first release in the MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 series. It is a beta release.

Notable Changes

  • Comprehensive rewrite of installation and administration logic. (MCOL-3836)

  • Simplified installation:

    • Users no longer need to execute columnstore-post-install and postConfigure.

    • It is a plugin for MariaDB Community Server.

    • It is packaged similar to other MariaDB Community Server plugins.

    • See Installation for more details.

  • Simplified administration:

    • mcsadmin has been removed. Instead, ColumnStore 1.5 uses systemd for administration

    • The new systemd service called mariadb-columnstore is used to manage ColumnStore's processes.

    • See OAM Replacement for more details.

  • Support for standard MariaDB Community Server collation and character sets. (MCOL-337)

  • Improved performance for REGR_* functions. (MCOL-3837)

  • Fixes for defects in tiered storage and S3-compatible object storage.

New Features

  • Support to set up tempfiles.d to prevent the OS from flushing /tmp on reboot. (MCOL-2101)

  • Support for faster replication-slave processing. (MCOL-3835)

  • Implements ISTRUE() function. (MCOL-3756)

  • Creates a systemd unit file for the MariaDB ColumnStore service. (MCOL-3914)

  • Implements MCSNodeControl package. (MCOL-3920)

  • Implements REST API server. (MCOL-3921)

  • Merges 3 MariaDB ColumnStore packages into a single package. (MCOL-3991)

  • Changing systemlang to an unrecognized string now causes MariaDB ColumnStore to not start up. (MCOL-3420)

  • Support for ALTER TABLE conversion to MariaDB ColumnStore. (MCOL-3852)

  • Support for COLLATE in DDL and ORDER BY clauses. (MCOL-3862)

  • Improvements in failover design. (MCOL-3886)

Changed Features

  • loadbrm process rewritten in Python ( Now requires Python 3 as a dependency.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes IN not evaluating properly in WHERE clauses. (MCOL-2096)

  • Fixes DNS error MessageQueueClient :: setup (): unknown name or service - ExeMgr = unassigned. (MCOL-2181)

  • Fixes FILE001.cdf:No such file or directory error when query, TRUNCATE and cpimport collided. (MCOL-3251)

  • Fixes internal error IDB-2035 to BIT_OR() function in projection and subquery. (MCOL-3356)

  • Fixes wrong minimum and maximum values after cpimport causing wrong SELECT statement results. (MCOL-3716)

  • Fixes truncation during updates causing the Server to assert. (MCOL-3749)

  • Fixes RAND() function returning different results in 1.4 compared to 1.2. (MCOL-3760)

  • Fixes issue where the same erroneous statement returns a different error other run. (MCOL-3777)

  • Fixes GROUP BY ordering error: IDB-2021: 'ref_genome' is not in GROUP BY clause (MCOL-3782)

  • Fixes MariaDB asserts when connection is closed. (MCOL-3812)

  • Fixes incorrect counts in views. (MCOL-3813)

  • Fixes issue in UNION operations about table not being in query. (MCOL-3828)

  • Fixes issue where systemctl cat mariadb.service is not working on all systems. (MCOL-3830)

  • Optimizes execute() of regr_sxx, regr-sxy, and regr_syy. (MCOL-3837)

  • Fixes COUNT() as window function not working with NULL values. (MCOL-3839)

  • Fixes Server aborting when Columnstore.xml is missing. (MCOL-3853)

  • Fixes COUNT() with distinct and 2 columns failing on every other execution. (MCOL-3857)

  • Fixes vTpch22.sql hanging. (MCOL-3858)

  • Fixes issue where renaming table causes schema to go out of sync. (MCOL-3859)

  • Fixes errors raised by every other run of the EXPLAIN statement. (MCOL-3860)

  • Fixes fatalHandler usage. (MCOL-3864)

  • Fixes intermittent cpimport crashes. (MCOL-3865)

  • Fixes bug3333.sql mismatch. (MCOL-3894)

  • Fixes fails in Group_concat in ORDER BY with long double. (MCOL-3904)

  • Fixes error message pointing to wrong function. (MCOL-3924)

  • Fixes memory leak in XML parser. (MCOL-3934)

  • Fixes IF() function returning incorrect results when using hex constant. (MCOL-3949)

  • Fixes microsecond support for FROM_UNIXTIME() function. (MCOL-3959)

  • Fixes issue with single INSERT after a LDI in a transaction. (MCOL-4002)

  • Fixes issue using $HOME in storagemanager.cnf variable. (MCOL-4014)

  • Fixes mishandling of multi-byte characters in DML export to cpimport-1.5. (MCOL-4017)

  • Fixes window function issues due to 1.4 returning results where 1.2 returns errors. (MCOL-3856)

  • Fixes cpimport S3 multi-PM usage. (MCOL-3861)


In alignment to the MariaDB Corporation Engineering Policy, MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5.2 is provided for:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

  • CentOS 8

  • CentOS 7

  • Ubuntu 20.04

  • Ubuntu 18.04

  • Ubuntu 16.04

  • Debian 10

  • Debian 9

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12


MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 has been superseded by MariaDB ColumnStore 5.5 in MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5. For installation and upgrade instructions, see Deploy MariaDB ColumnStore 5.4 with MariaDB Community Server 10.5.