Release Notes for MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5.2


MariaDB ColumnStore is a columnar storage engine for MariaDB Server.

This release of MariaDB ColumnStore is included with MariaDB Community Server 10.5.4.

MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5.2 was released on 2020-06-24. It is the first release in the MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 series. It is a beta release.

Notable Changes

  • Comprehensive rewrite of installation and administration logic. (MCOL-3836)

  • Simplified installation:

    • Users no longer need to execute columnstore-post-install and postConfigure

    • It is a plugin for MariaDB Community Server.

    • It is packaged similar to other MariaDB Community Server plugins.

    • See Installation for more details.

  • Simplified administration:

    • mcsadmin has been removed. Instead, ColumnStore 1.5 uses systemd for administration

    • The new systemd service called mariadb-columnstore is used to manage ColumnStore's processes.

    • See OAM Replacement for more details.

  • Support for standard MariaDB Community Server collation and character sets. (MCOL-337)

  • Improved performance for REGR_* functions. (MCOL-3837)

  • Fixes for defects in tiered storage and S3-compatible object storage.

New Features

  • Support to set up tempfiles.d to prevent the OS from flushing /tmp on reboot. (MCOL-2101)

  • Support for faster replication-slave processing. (MCOL-3835)

  • Implements ISTRUE() function. (MCOL-3756)

  • Creates a systemd unit file for the MariaDB ColumnStore service. (MCOL-3914)

  • Implements MCSNodeControl package. (MCOL-3920)

  • Implements REST API server. (MCOL-3921)

  • Merges 3 MariaDB ColumnStore packages into a single package. (MCOL-3991)

  • Changing systemlang to an unrecognized string now causes MariaDB ColumnStore to not start up. (MCOL-3420)

  • Support for ALTER TABLE conversion to MariaDB ColumnStore. (MCOL-3852)

  • Support for COLLATE in DDL and ORDER BY clauses. (MCOL-3862)

  • Improvements in failover design. (MCOL-3886)

Changed Features

  • loadbrm process rewritten in Python ( Now requires Python 3 as a dependency.

Issues Fixed

  • Fixes IN not evaluating properly in WHERE clauses. (MCOL-2096)

  • Fixes DNS error MessageQueueClient :: setup (): unknown name or service - ExeMgr = unassigned (MCOL-2181)

  • Fixes FILE001.cdf:No such file or directory error when query, TRUNCATE and cpimport collided. (MCOL-3251)

  • Fixes internal error IDB-2035 to BIT_OR() function in projection and subquery. (MCOL-3356)

  • Fixes wrong minimum and maximum values after cpimport causing wrong SELECT statement results. (MCOL-3716)

  • Fixes truncation during updates causing the Server to assert. (MCOL-3749)

  • Fixes RAND() function returning different results in 1.4 compared to 1.2. (MCOL-3760)

  • Fixes issue where the same erroneous statement returns a different error other run. (MCOL-3777)

  • Fixes GROUP BY ordering error: IDB-2021: 'ref_genome' is not in GROUP BY clause (MCOL-3782)

  • Fixes MariaDB asserts when connection is closed. (MCOL-3812)

  • Fixes incorrect counts in views. (MCOL-3813)

  • Fixes issue in UNION operations about table not being in query. (MCOL-3828)

  • Fixes issue where systemctl cat mariadb.service is not working on all systems. (MCOL-3830)

  • Optimizes execute() of regr_sxx, regr-sxy, and regr_syy (MCOL-3837)

  • Fixes COUNT() as window function not working with NULL values. (MCOL-3839)

  • Fixes Server aborting when Columnstore.xml is missing. (MCOL-3853)

  • Fixes COUNT() with distinct and 2 columns failing on every other execution. (MCOL-3857)

  • Fixes vTpch22.sql hanging. (MCOL-3858)

  • Fixes issue where renaming table causes schema to go out of sync. (MCOL-3859)

  • Fixes errors raised by every other run of the EXPLAIN statement. (MCOL-3860)

  • Fixes fatalHandler usage. (MCOL-3864)

  • Fixes intermittent cpimport crashes. (MCOL-3865)

  • Fixes bug3333.sql mismatch. (MCOL-3894)

  • Fixes fails in Group_concat in ORDER BY with long double (MCOL-3904)

  • Fixes error message pointing to wrong function. (MCOL-3924)

  • Fixes memory leak in XML parser. (MCOL-3934)

  • Fixes IF() function returning incorrect results when using hex constant. (MCOL-3949)

  • Fixes microsecond support for FROM_UNIXTIME() function. (MCOL-3959)

  • Fixes issue with single INSERT after a LDI in a transaction. (MCOL-4002)

  • Fixes issue using $HOME in storagemanager.cnf variable. (MCOL-4014)

  • Fixes mishandling of multi-byte characters in DML export to cpimport-1.5. (MCOL-4017)

  • Fixes window function issues due to 1.4 returning results where 1.2 returns errors. (MCOL-3856)

  • Fixes cpimport S3 multi-PM usage. (MCOL-3861)


In alignment to the MariaDB Corporation Engineering Policy, MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5.2 is provided for:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

  • CentOS 8

  • CentOS 7

  • Ubuntu 20.04

  • Ubuntu 18.04

  • Ubuntu 16.04

  • Debian 10

  • Debian 9

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12


MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 has been superseded by MariaDB ColumnStore 5. For installation and upgrade instructions, see "Deploy".