Release Notes for MariaDB Connector/C++ 0.9.3

MariaDB Connector/C++ is the interface between C++ applications and MariaDB Server. MariaDB Connector/C++ enables development of C++ applications using the JDBC-based API, which is also used by MariaDB Connector/JDBC.

MariaDB Connector/C++ 0.9.3 was released 2020-08-12. This second beta release of MariaDB Connector/C++ includes bug fixes and API changes.

MariaDB Connector/C++ implements the MySQL protocol using the MariaDB Connector/C API. Connector/C 3.1.9 is used in this release.

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API Changes

  • Parameter types and return value types have been changed from int32_t to uint32_t

  • SQLString class redesigned. It now hides internal string implementation. Operator for cast to std::string has been removed, const char* stays in place.

  • Enumeration values have been corrected and are set in accordance with JDBC specification.

  • Minimalistic DriverManager class has been added to provide a common way in JDBC to connect using DriveManager::getConnection. This removes the need for the application to have a driver class instance. getConnection methods throw an exception if connection could not be established, including the case of an incorrect connection string.