Release Notes for MariaDB Connector/Python 1.1.10


MariaDB Connector/Python is a native MariaDB connector for building Python applications on MariaDB. It is compliant with Python DB API 2.0 (PEP-249). It is written in Python and C and uses MariaDB Connector/C.

MariaDB Connector/Python 1.1.10 was released on 2024-02-22. This release is of General Availability (GA) maturity.

Issues Fixed

  • cursor.execute fails when running in sql_mode ANSI_QUOTES (CONPY-277)

  • Return updated connection_id in case of automatic reconnect (CONPY-278)

  • Allow None values for password and database in change_user() method (CONPY-279)

  • Use METH_O calling conventions for c functions which accept only one parameter (CONPY-281)