Release Notes for MariaDB Connector/Python 0.9.54-beta


MariaDB Connector/Python is the interface between Python applications and MariaDB Server. MariaDB Connector/Python enables development of Python applications using MariaDB Connector/C. It is compliant with Python DB API 2.0 (PEP-249). It is written in C and uses MariaDB Connector/C.

MariaDB Connector/Python 0.9.54-beta was released on 2020-02-18. It is an beta release of MariaDB Connector/Python.

Notable Changes

  • If a python object can't be converted to a corresponding data type, an exception will be raised. (CONPY-34)

  • Added ssl_capath in connect() method

Issues Fixed

  • ConnectionPool._setconfig now accepts only DSN parameters. (CONPY-40)

  • Close and reinitialize statement if the cursor was reused with a different SQL statement. (CONPY-35)

  • If no pool_name was provided, an exception will be raised. (CONPY-39)

  • Segfault when using auto completion in Python shell. (CONPY-33)

  • Corrected option name: named_tuple (CONPY-37)

  • Connection key word socket was renamed to unix_socket (CONPY-36)

  • Fixed parameter sequence when creating a xid object