Release Notes for MariaDB Connector/Python 1.1.0-beta1


MariaDB Connector/Python is the interface between Python applications and MariaDB Server. MariaDB Connector/Python enables development of Python applications. It is compliant with Python DB API 2.0 (PEP-249). It depends on functions in MariaDB Connector/C.

MariaDB Connector/Python 1.1.0-beta1 was released on 2021-09-21. It is a Beta release of MariaDB Connector/Python.

Notable Changes

  • Added attributes for obtaining version of MariaDB Connector/C (CONPY-162)

    • mariadb.client_version returns an integer, describing the version in the following format:

    • mariadb_client_version_info returns client version in tuple format

Issues Fixed

  • Parse integer instead of short integer when retrieving server status (CONPY-159)

  • ConnectionPool.get_connection might return None due to low precision of time.monotonic() (CONPY-160)

  • ConnectionPool.connection_count returns list of connections instead of a numeric value (CONPY-161)