Release Notes for MariaDB Connector/R2DBC 1.1.0


MariaDB Connector/R2DBC is a non-blocking interface between Java applications and MariaDB Server. MariaDB Connector/R2DBC enables the development of Java 8+ applications for MariaDB Enterprise.

MariaDB Connector/R2DBC 1.1.0 was released on 2021-07-19. This release is of Beta maturity, and should not be used with production workloads. This release is compatible with R2DBC 0.9.0.M2 specification.

Notable Changes

  • This is the first release to follow the R2DBC 0.9.0.M2 (R2DBC SPI 0.9 milestone 2) specification. Prior releases followed the R2DBC 0.8.4 specification.

  • Connections to MariaDB Server 10.6 now use the "skip metadata" feature. (R2DBC-10)

  • Failover capability added to Connector/R2DBC. (R2DBC-21)

    The R2DBC specification follows RFC 3986, permitting multiple hosts in connection string with format:

    authority = [ userinfo "@" ] host [ ":" port ] [ "," host [ ":" port ] ]

    For example:

    ConnectionFactory factory = ConnectionFactories.get("r2dbc:mariadb://user:password@host:3306,host2:3302/myDB?option1=value");
  • Authentication plugins can now be limited to a list provided via the new connection configuration option restrictedAuth (R2DBC-23)

  • Changes in support of a new milestone of the R2DBC 0.9 specification:

    • Added support for improved bind parameter declarations. (R2DBC-32)

    • Added Connection.beginTransaction(TransactionDefinition) (R2DBC-33)

    • Added NoSuchOptionException (R2DBC-34)

    • Changed RowMetadata (R2DBC-35)

    • Added statement timeout. (R2DBC-36)