Release Notes for MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4.13-7

This seventh release of MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4 is a maintenance release, including a variety of fixes.

MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4.13-7 was released on 2020-06-08.

Fixed Security Vulnerabilities

CVE (with link)

CVSS 3.0 base score










MariaDB CVEs do not have a CVSS 3.0 base score. This CVE is rated "medium" according to the definition in the engineering policy.

Notable Changes

  • MariaDB ColumnStore 1.4.4 is included in this release. Specific details on this component may be found in the ColumnStore 1.4.4 release notes.

  • mariadb-upgrade now displays a warning when upgrading a replica from MySQL Server to MariaDB Enterprise Server if data was present in the mysql.slave_master_info and mysql.slave_relay_log_info tables. A warning is needed as this information will be ignored. (MDEV-10047)

  • mariadb-dump has a new --ignore-table-data=<table> option. When used, the dump will include the table definition for the listed tables, but not the INSERT statements for the data in the table. (MDEV-22037)

  • mariabackup has a new --rollback-xa option. By default, mariabackup will not commit or rollback uncommitted XA transactions, and when the backup is restored any uncommitted XA transactions must be manually committed using XA COMMIT or be manually rolled-back using XA ROLLBACK. The --rollback-xa option can be used to rollback uncommitted XA transactions while performing a --prepare operation, eliminating the need for manual commit or rollback when the backup is restored. (MDEV-21168)

  • innodb_encryption_threads is now limited to 255. (MDEV-22258)

  • require_secure_transport system variable added, to enforce TLS secure connections. (MENT-66)

  • shutdown-wait-for-slaves system variable added, to control that a primary server only completes the shutdown after the last binary log has been sent to all connected slaves. This behavior is not active by default. Before the addition of this system variable, this was achieved using mariadb-admin shutdown --wait_for_all_slaves for a master. (MENT-202)

  • Index length limit for the Aria and S3 storage engines has been increased from 1000 to 2000 bytes. (MENT-401)

  • aria_pack tool now provides the options --datadir, --ignore-control-file, --require-control-file for Aria tables with auto-recovery enabled (TRANSACTION=1). (MENT-657)

  • IF EXISTS clause can now be used with RENAME TABLE and ALTER TABLE (MENT-725)

  • sql_if_exists system variable applies IF EXISTS to ALTER, DROP, and RENAME of FUNCTIONS, PACKAGES, TABLES, and VIEWS (MENT-725)

  • S3 storage engine now provides support for replication. A new system parameter s3_slave_ignore_updates was added to define whether S3 replication is the same S3 storage for primary and replica. A new system parameter s3_replicate_alter_as_create_select controls whether all rows should be added to the binary log when a S3 table is altered to a local table. (MENT-725)

  • S3 storage engine now supports partitioning with the limitation that REBUILD PARTITION, TRUNCATE PARTITION, and REORGANIZE PARTITION cannot be used. (MENT-725)

  • System user mariadb.sys has been added. (MDEV-19650)

  • innodb_instant_alter_column_allowed system variable added to control whether an instant ADD/DROP column or reorder can change an InnoDB format. The default is add_drop_reorder to allow a format change for all types of ALTER. Option never should be used if a tablespace import to older versions of MariaDB Server should be possible. add_last should be used if a tablespace import into MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.3 or 10.4 should be possible. Instant ALTER resulting in reordering of columns will not be possible, but an instant ADD column as the last column can be done (behavior of MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.3). (MDEV-20590)

Bugs Fixed

Can result in data loss

  • Possible crash with data loss when an executing an update of PRIMARY KEY columns on an InnoDB table with a BLOB column. (MDEV-22384)

Can result in crashes, hangs, stalls

  • MariaDB Enterprise Backup ignored the timeout setting --ftwrl-wait-timeout when an explicit LOCK TABLES ... WRITE was active in another session. As a result, MariaDB Enterprise Server waited for release of the lock even if the timeout was reached. (MDEV-20230)

  • When additional open_table_caches_instances have been created, a crash could occur due to exceeding the limit of open file descriptors. (MDEV-18027)

  • Clean shutdown of MariaDB Enterprise Cluster was not possible due to a deadlock situation between Galera Nodes. (MENT-432)

  • ALTER TABLE on an InnoDB table could crash when an index field has been converted from utf8mb3 to utf8mb4 character set. (MDEV-20726)

  • Adding a column to discarded InnoDB tablespace was possible, resulting in a crash. (MDEV-22446)

  • A MariaDB Enterprise Cluster Node (Galera) could hang on rejoining the cluster during IST. (MDEV-21002)

Can result in unexpected behavior

  • mariadbd and mariadbd-safe processes showed as running after a server shutdown. (MDEV-21563)

  • MariaDB Enterprise Backup ignored the ignore_db_dirs configuration from the server configuration file. (MDEV-19347)

  • A duplicate key error showed the duplicate key value truncated to 64 characters without indicating the truncation. (MDEV-20604)

  • Using SET GLOBAL for the InnoDB variables innodb_ft_aux_table, innodb_ft_server_stopword_table, innodb_ft_user_stopword_table, and innodb_buffer_pool_filename could lead to corrupted strings for the settings. (MDEV-22393)

  • Replication could be aborted when the replication data includes nested version-based conditional comments.

  • Changing the Server-Id could lead to events being disabled for replicas, even if a single node configuration without a replica was used. (MDEV-21758)

  • SHOW PRIVILEGES incorrectly shows the privilege Delete versioning rows instead of Delete history. (MDEV-20382)

  • A performance regression when optimizer flag rowid_filter is activated. (MDEV-21794)

  • An ALTER USER defining the authentication plugin did not remove any other authentication plugin from mysql.global_priv for this user. (MDEV-21928)

  • An online ADD PRIMARY KEY could fail after instant DROP/reorder was executed for fields of the same InnoDB table. (MDEV-21658)

  • Dropping an indexed column could occur as an instant operation although DROP INDEX is not instantaneous. (MDEV-22465)

  • Wrong query results have been returned with optimizer_switch="split_materialized=on" (MDEV-21614)

  • SHOW GRANTS does not quote role names properly for a user granted to this role. (MDEV-20076)

  • Partitioning could choose a wrong partition for RANGE partitioning by DECIMAL column. (MDEV-21195)

  • A SELECT query with many JOIN and UNION ALL clauses could result in ERROR 9 (HY000) Unexpected end-of-file (MENT-750)

Interface Changes

  • ER_SLAVE_IGNORED_SHARED_TABLE error code added

  • innodb_encryption_threads system variable maximum value changed from 4294967295 to 255

  • innodb_instant_alter_column_allowed system variable added

  • mariabackup --rollback-xa command-line option added

  • mariadbd --innodb-instant-alter-column-allowed command-line option added

  • mariadbd --s3-replicate-alter-as-create-select command-line option added

  • mariadbd --s3-slave-ignore-updates command-line option added

  • mariadbd --shutdown-wait-for-slaves command-line option added

  • mariadb-dump --ignore-table-data command-line option added

  • shutdown_wait_for_slaves system variable added

  • sql_if_exists system variable added


In alignment to the enterprise lifecycle, MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4.13-7 is provided for:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

  • CentOS 8

  • CentOS 7

  • CentOS 6

  • Ubuntu 20.04

  • Ubuntu 18.04

  • Ubuntu 16.04

  • Debian 10

  • Debian 9

  • Debian 8

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

  • Microsoft Windows